Democracy in Crisis? The Rise of Populism and the Return of Authoritarian Politics 

Instructor, pre-college program, harvard university, SUmmer 2018. 

Is democracy retreating around the world? What are the signs of democratic deconsolidation and how concerning are they? This course looks at scholarly debates and evaluates existing evidence on the health of democracy in a range of countries around the world: from Latin America through the Middle East to Europe and the United States. It explores why the “poster children” of democratization such as Poland and Hungary are facing democratic backsliding, why left- and right- wing populist movements are on the rise in Western Europe and in the US and whether they pose a threat to democratic institutions, and why hybrid regimes such as Venezuela and Turkey have turned towards authoritarian politics. Through the course, students learn how to formulate a social scientific argument, how to evaluate evidence, and how to apply theoretical insights to contemporary events.


teaching fellow experience AT HARVARD:

political science of great issues (PROF. rYAN ENOS). spring 2018. CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION IN TEACHING.

Populism, Inequality, Immigration, Climate Change, Fake News

Sophomore Tutorial on Democracy (PROF. Peter Hall and PROF. Michael Rosen), spring 2017. CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION IN TEACHING.

Democracy, Civil Rights, Inequality, Authoritarian Resiliance, Democratic Peace, Globalization

The Development of Democracy in Europe (PROF. Peter Hall). fall 2015. CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION IN TEACHING.

State-building, Revolutions, Democratization, Democratic Breakdown, European Union

Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (PROF. grzegorz ekiert). spring 2015 and 2016.

Communist Regimes, Democratization, Transitions to Market Economy, European Integration

Foundations of Comparative Politics (PROF. steve levitsky). fall 2014.

Democratization, Development, Conflict, Revolutions, Institutions, Civil Society