I am a PhD Candidate in the Government Department at Harvard University and a Graduate Student Associate of the Center for European StudiesInstitute for Quantitative Social Science, and the Davis Center.  You can find more information on my background in my CV.

My general research interests include protest organization and tactical choices; political violence and public opinion; and the state-protest movement nexus. I am particularly interested in the relationships between social movements, the public, and the institutions and agents of the state. My research so far has explored for example, whether adoption of extreme tactics by protesters increases public support for government negotiations with the movement; whether government repression of protesters increases support for the movement; and whether voters reward political candidates for activism and involvement in contentious politics. My research has appeared in Comparative Political Studies,  Journal of Experimental Political Science, and Perspectives on Europe

Prior to attending Harvard, I graduated summa cum laude from Washington and Lee University with a B.A. in Global Politics and German.